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If you are feeling issolated, or ostracised and have withdrawn from Society as a whole because of your illness, and also feel you have no friends, THEN ' JOIN US'.

Don't be on your own anymore, (there is no need to be).

"Little things" like - YOUR expertise and other's may help you get up again and do something positive for YOURSELF and others as well.

If you are unable to do anything, THEN DON'T WORRY you still won't be on your own, you will know that there are friends out there trying to help you in some way that they are able.

You may have a Computer / Printer, OR the use of one that you can help at times with a project that is urgent to get done and posted out to Members or even ' Letter-boxed' to your neighbours asking them for support and help for your 'Private Club' who helps people who are in great need.

You may wish to have little ' get togethers' and have some fun in your local area to discuss issues of concern to you and take a Record of the outcome so that we as an Organisation can have it actioned and sent off to our Leaders for it to be fixed.

Local areas may have Members who have their own vegie gardens that other Members can purchase off them good fresh nutricional vegies etc, ( whatever they decide on). These activities will be placed over our main ' Mail-List' for everyone to learn of it and support it.

There are people who can do 'Art Work' and can sell to other Members.

Mending clothes, is another project that is important too so Members always look neat and tidy.

Again this will be advertised over our 'Mail-List' for all Members to know and support.


If you are suffering from a ' psychiatric illness' then join this Committee to work out problems of similar nature to others who are being treated the same. OR are you locked in the MHA with that word that states APPEARS to be 'Mentally ill' ?.

Circumstances can do this to a person, such as a person who has just lost their job, lost their house, lost their wife and children, have no idea where they have gone to or how to find them. They too are locked up because of circumstances.

Did anyone think this all happened in the PAST back in 1770's when convicts were torn away from their families and homes, placed on ships and exiled to other Countries as punshiment for stealing food etc. Does anyone see similar things happenning now ?

YES, it does seem like a ' Merry go round ' a ' Point of no Return '. NO IT IS NOT NICE

and if you would like to join in with this Committee then please personaly write to the following address stating your reason's why and how you can contribute that will benefit others who are suffering.

judi-ann Leggetts. CA.


All correspondence received will be treated with the utmost Confidentiality keeping in order with the 'Privacy Act'

No names or address will be given out without permission of Members.

Also ' Social Functions are being looked in to as well ' so that all Membership Card Holders can join together and have fun each month and get to know each other better as time goes on.

Those who are interested in any of the above are welcome to write to the address above and register, enclosing a copy of their DSPpension Card from 'Centrelink' to enable them to become a Membership Card Holder.

Membership who wish to become Membership Card Holders can make application for this by again writing to the above address, so they can also receive benefits that the Membership Card gives.

Thank you for your support in making this project a huge success.

judi-ann Leggetts. CA.

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